Faithworks, Inc. (FINC) provides our developmentally disabled consumers with an array of services to assist them in living full, independent lives within their community.

Our goal is to assist our consumers to live a full and independent life within their community. A service model based on principles that emphasize a person’s choice, self-determination, and community integration.

Faithworks, inc. (FINC)

Service List

This includes supervision and monitoring, administration of medication, safety skills, banking, meal planning, running errands,  shopping, medical and other appointments, etc.

Supported Living

Services offered include: Physical assessment, personal care, skill reinforcement, training in self-determination, recreation, leisure activities, social, and communication skills.

Adult Day Support

This includes assisting consumers with activities of daily living, personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, transfer and ambulatory needs or skills development.

Homemaker Personal Care

Transporting the customer to a variety of recreational/leisure activities and appointments as specified by the consumers My Plan.


Supported Employment-Community

Supported Employment-Enclave

Vocational Habilitation

Services designed to teach reinforce habitation concepts related to work including  responsibility , attendance, task completion, problem solving, social interaction, motor skill development, and safety. Vocational habitation is provided to eligible consumers who participate in a work program that meets the criteria for employment of workers with disabilities under.

Consumers are  placed in integrated community work setting to perform the same task as other community members. This service includes services and supports  that assist an individual to achieve self-employment through working for a business.

Intensive, ongoing supports that enable participants for whom competitive employment at or above the minimum wage is unlikely absent the provisions of supports, and who because of their disabilities need supports, to perform in a regular work setting. This work is not in residence.

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